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January 30, 2005

The Weather Forecaster's Tale

Written in a 'modernised' Chaucerian style

An occupation sadly much maligned
With words like stupid, deaf and dumb and blind
They hide out in the suburbs have no doubt
The weather men who put our forecasts out
These 'nongs of wrong' may even live next door
Well here's some clues, so you can tell for sure.
A Morris Minor, garaged every day
Except when storms with hail are on the way
He washes it? The rain will come for sure
Snow skis on top? The temp'rature will soar
On hottest days he dons his thickest cloak
At first you'll think that it's his little joke
At your expense, but when the skies are clear
You'll see him wearing all his rain-proof gear
Umbrella, hat, and raincoat without doubt
A pair of waders in the midst of drought
Dark glasses when thick clouds hide all the sky
On wintry days, a short sleeve shirt and tie
But wait! Please note before this ditty ends
They make long term, but most confusing, friends

Alan Smith July 2004
Published (Commended) in Yellow Moon No 15 August 2004

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January 29, 2005

Christmas Holidays at Cronulla Beach

A Senryu Sequence

dad stumbles into
his son's sand castle
topless sun bather

asleep in the sun
dreaming of food
lobster thermidor

outdoor showers
he digs inside his speedos
sand excavation

lime ice cream
melts down her arm
my Lady Green Sleeves

two boys race
through the crowded beach
sand flies ev'rywhere

from the water's edge
squeals of delight
splashing games

incoming tide
she digs a moat around
her sandcastle

broadcast of carols
transports her from the heat
Good King Wenceslas

walking between
bikini clad girls
his board feels lighter

a Christmas present
from his surfboat crew
wedgie for Santa

he reads in her direction
his book upside down

Alan Smith August 2004
Published (Commended) in Yellow moon No 16 December 2004

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January 22, 2005

Song of the Innocent (Pick-a-side-any-side)

I did it out of love for god and country
I did it for my children and my wife
I did it to secure our nation's future
I did it to protect our way of life

I saw the troops of satan in our country
I heard their voices vilifying, cruel
I smelt their filth when they defiled our daughters
I tasted widows' tears, and orphans' gruel

I have too many faces to remember,
bin Laden, Baader-Meinhof, IRA
Saddam Hussein, Amrozi, Black September
Qadhafi, Bush, Sharon, and Tim McVeigh

I spit upon the verdicts of your juries
I had no other option but to fight
I stand before my maker for his judgment
I know that everything I did was right

Alan Smith, July 2004
Published in Quadrant No 413 (Jan/Feb 2005)

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