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February 23, 2005


You fear my wings
you think
I will fly away.
You must decide:
Cage me
I'll still love you
sing for you
the same sweet song
every night.
But if you trust me
uncage me
to soar swoop glide turn
so many new delights
so many different songs
so many nights

Alan Smith Oct 2003

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February 21, 2005


an uncle she could idolise
unwanted touching - young breasts, thighs
undoes his flies - watch it rise - terrifies
shuddup or I'll punch yer - she complies
your shame, your fault he says - hers to internalise
our secret he says, and she tries
to tell, but she can't

he parts her legs, takes the prize
tells her it purifies
gets worse, sodomise - horrifies
her period dries, belly swells in size
loose clothes to disguise
newborn thrown into trash, dies
all day long she cries
til her uncle's demise
shot by her aunt

(C) Alan Smith 16 Feb 05

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February 18, 2005

The ballad of Shane Heal (Basketballer)

(A harmless bit of self-indulgent hero worship, just for variety, and you're right, it scans badly at times. For more on Shane, try http://www.hammer.net.au/biography.asp )

In Sydney, Australia
we're real used to failure
the Sydney Kings frequently flop
but it sure would appear
to be different this year
and we might finish up near the top

A bloody big throng
had come from the 'gong
with bugles and whistles and drums
not a sound had they made
while the Panthers played
they hung about scratching their bums

They were salivating
their moment was almost at hand
they mustered their zeal
to heckle Shane Heal
Sydney's finest, the best in the land

And at last! Shane was coming
they started their drumming
and blew all their bugles out loud
shouting Heal is a wanker
to incur his rancour
and that of the Sydney crowd

The moment was nearing
many boos, much more cheering
a wild unbelievable clamour
as Rodney O's voice
endorsed Sydney's choice
23 Shane Heal, the hammer

In total control
the spotlight he stole
acknowledged his fans with a bow
then the champion chose
to offer his foes
a smile that said 'just watch me now'

The game now began
through thick traffic he ran
and plonked the ball in for a two
the Sydney fans screamed
for the Hawks to be creamed
(a thing their team sure could do)

I saw the champ linger
to give them the finger
that the refs ignored by a mile
Hawks fans were incensed
their chant recommenced
but Shane just continued to smile

Down the court again
to the wanker refrain
three points where the last two had gone
The more that they roared
the more Shane Heal scored
it clearly turned him on

The fans could smell blood
and expected a flood
of points; and that's what they got
near half-time they'd find
the Hawks 40 behind
with all their chances shot

But still the drums blazed
and their voices were raised
'Heal's a wanker' they cried and they cried
but with every roar
Shane scored even more
the scoreboard was where he replied

Heal hogged the ball
he did it all
layups, fade-aways, hooks
a matter of pride
now he shot from outside
beaucoup treys for the league record books

To the Hawks fans… our thanks
for shouting 'Heal wanks'
it brought out his very best play
they should look at the board
fifty one points he scored
(and Sydney won the day)

As our family drove home
from the Kings' Superdome
still dazed from the point scoring spree
we knew just how lucky
we'd been to see plucky
Shane heal, number 23

Alan Smith 2002

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