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April 25, 2005

ANZAC Day 2005: Assembly of Marchers

some just appear from nowhere
like z-force
if there was one
spines all straight back pains left at home
hard men
scanning the crush for an aging match
to memories of youth

some with medals attached
wander up
one at a time
deposited three hours early
- by daughters in Japanese cars -
to avoid traffic jams
each man vowing to be ready by 2pm
one light beer only no two-up and
no mates invited home
but as they drive off each car receives
a hip flask salute

most come by bus or train
medals in pockets - an unwritten rule-
to meet old mates at 'their regular boozer'
recall deeds done long ago
and comrades-in-arms, now gone
and share the pinning-on
of honour recognised

the remainder stumble from RSL minibuses
arm-locked agglomerations of men
their smoke-weary eyes pealed for portaloos and mates
in that order
the true survivors of
the dawn parade and gunfire breakfasts
bacon sarnies beer and rum.

as the hour approaches
sad words are whispered:
No ANZACs on parade

Notes for foreigners/farang/howlee/gaigin/poms etc:

ANZAC: Australia and New Zealand Army Corps, The original ANZACs fought at Gallipoli Turkey, in WW1, where the brave ANZACs were massacred

Anzac Day: Australian public holiday, 25th April every year, to remember/commemorate those who died in the Service of their country (not just Australia and NZ), and those who survived. Most Australian cities have dawn services. Major cities have marches (Sydney has 250 000 odd). Some 20000 attend in Gallipoli. In New Zealand, less attend, because they had conscription, while Australia had an all volunteer force.


Z Force: A supposedly secret strike force
Two-up: A gambling game

Medals in pockets: the custom of not wearing uniform/parts thereof in public transport

RSL: Returned Servicemen's League (or one of their the licensed clubs)

Sarnie: Sandwich

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April 17, 2005


the sounds of his shadows we hear everywhere
the scent of his shaving still lives in the air
the mattress stays bent to his shoulders and hips
the yearn of our faces remembers his lips
the touch of his laughter rebounds in his room
but the real of his presence is lost in the gloom
his yesterdays float through our minds everyday
but the us in his life he keeps edging away
in our constant of tiredness we only get sleep
when the sounds of his shadows their brief silence keep

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April 7, 2005


(a sonnet for Ronald)

If everyone was forced to eat Big Max
Each day with chocolate shake and salty fries
A billion men would have to buy new slacks
Their old ones wouldn't fit around their thighs

As sev'ral billion chunky women stare
In full length mirrors that reveal their plight
The anthem 'I've got nothing left to wear'
Would frustrate many families day and night

The kids line up for salt and sugar hits
To basic fare we add desserts and pies
Condemn them to an unfit life,with zits
And A D D appears, what a surprise

All hail the ten foot Max with silly shoes
Who welcomes you to dine, what's there to lose?

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April 6, 2005

As the epidioscope shows

Dead people need epitaphs
Epigrams are great for laughs
Epidurals in backs
Epicure makes good snacks
Epithet, a nick name, the first half

Epitasis when they thicken the plot
Epitrite one stressed then three not
Epithalamion a song, but
Epesiotomy's a cut
Epiploce – scansion options you've got

Epimythiuma summarized moral
Epinicion an ode, maybe choral
Epiphonema's terse
An epic 'long verse'
You can write an epistle to Laurel

Epiglottis will help you speak
An Epigon's new thought is weak
Epiplexis will shame
Epistrophe's all end the same
Epitome's short and sleak

Epigraphs? Dedication
Epicentre: the quakes location
Epidural's been done
Epizeuxis? Come come!
Epiphany is celebration

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