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May 8, 2005


I am seeking your assistance
to protect me from me missus
who you may now know as Robyn
and you may have read her blogs
she no longer keeps her distance
she writes poems now bejissus
she gets published, leaves me sobbin'
all my sonnets now are dogs

Meantime she rides the wave
of "Meet Robyn, she's the Poet"
That's MY title dearest honey
I mumble to myself
please support my jealous rave
screw her poetry up, and throw it
me? I'd like to be real funny
hide it on a tall, tall shelf

O so funny, meo (sob)
O heck good onya Rob

Oh, I didn't say : The 2005 UTS Writers'Anthology,
I'm sure Robyn-the-poet has details

Posted by alan at May 8, 2005 9:03 PM