March 30, 2005


I emerged this autumn morning
from the cavern of my head
where the hermit of my mind snores weeks away
his symphony of body noise
convinced me he's not dead
and here, dear friends, is what he'd like to say:

"Thank you for the comments
you've been kind enough to write
I am thrilled by every new one that comes through
but I've been a total slacko
and extremely impolite
by not responding similarly to you

A 'selfish bloody ingrate'
is perhaps a little tough
and words such as 'self-centred' wouldn't fit
but all of these apply to me
accurately enough
the best, perhaps, a 'thankless little shit'

'Take, take, take' has been my creed
with nothing in return,
I won't bore you with excuses, they're too lame
I will flagellate my buttocks
With a cane, until they burn
And bow my head toward the ground in shame

Wait on, you say, that last bit,
Is a little tongue-in cheekish
Is that some of your facetiousness we hear?
Well, um, yeah, would you believe me
If I started acting sheepish?
(But the apology is totally sincere)"

Alan Smith © 30 March 2005

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