April 6, 2005

As the epidioscope shows

Dead people need epitaphs
Epigrams are great for laughs
Epidurals in backs
Epicure makes good snacks
Epithet, a nick name, the first half

Epitasis when they thicken the plot
Epitrite one stressed then three not
Epithalamion a song, but
Epesiotomy's a cut
Epiploce – scansion options you've got

Epimythiuma summarized moral
Epinicion an ode, maybe choral
Epiphonema's terse
An epic 'long verse'
You can write an epistle to Laurel

Epiglottis will help you speak
An Epigon's new thought is weak
Epiplexis will shame
Epistrophe's all end the same
Epitome's short and sleak

Epigraphs? Dedication
Epicentre: the quakes location
Epidural's been done
Epizeuxis? Come come!
Epiphany is celebration

Posted by alan at 7:03 PM