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December 27, 2004

A day of disasters ...

ltlman.jpgThis is the sort of thing that you get up to when you are bored - invading peoples' privacy. The plane from Paris to London was late. My eye was caught be this elderly gentleman sitting quietly waiting with his family across the other side of the room. It is a good thing that we practice quick portrait sketches, occasioanlly, in Monday evening art classes. While I was trying to be unobtrusive in my observation of my subject, a very over-weight young man sat down directly between me and my gentleman. It quickly put an end to my invasion of his privacy and also to my sketching. The over-weight young man did NOT spark my interest enough to waste a page of my new Sennelier drawing paper.

The day was just one disaster after another. We were late into Heathrow so the stand that our plane was meant to occupy was already taken, forcing us to wait on the apron. Once we got there, a piece of equipment prevented us from docking for a further 10 minutes. When eventually our onward flight was called, they had changed gates, requiring a desperate call for a wheel chair for the DH so that we could move to the new one. On arrival in Manchester we found that the airline had lost the DH's trusty walking machine, which we have found invaluable in this holiday. Serves them right! They will now have to deliver it to North Yorkshire!

In perspective though, none of this compares to the terrible things that are happening in South East Asia following the earthquake and tidal waves that have caused such devastation. Our problems are minor in comparision.

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December 22, 2004


Remsml.jpgWe are in Amsterdam and to celebrate having a WIFI Internet connection through the generosity of the management of the hotel that we are staying in, I have overcome my shyness at sketching in public. We found ourselves in a place called Rembrandt Plein where we had a cup of coffee and a slice of wonderful apple pie at a cafe called the Ritz. It has a great view out into the square and the statue of Rembrandt in the park in the middle. I did this rather ordinary pencil sketch of the statue. Rembrandt I certainly am not but at least I have broken the ice. The next time won't be so hard.

Tomorrow we are off on the high speed train bound for Paris. Look out Senelier's - here I come, credit card in hand. I am not sure when I will get another Internet connection.

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