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-- 19 July, 2004 --

Art class

jug.JPGI went back to work today so I don't think that my entries in my blog will come as often as they have been since I began. It's a shame how work gets in the way of the fun things of life.

Since today is Monday, it is Art class night, which also began the new term too. I took along the oil pastels and the work that I had done so far with them to get some input from Maya. She had a quick look at what I had done so far but, since we had a number of new students in the class, she spent most of the class getting them going and let the old hands to do our thing.

She set up a still life with an enamel coffee pot and some lemons. I used the Faber Castell oil pastels on a pad of oil paper. I blended the background with turps but left the coffee pot and the lemon as they were. I used some of the techniques that I learnt yesterday on the Wet Canvas exercise using complementary colours for the shadows. It's a bit hard to work out which is the ideal tint of the complimentary to use with each of the pastels, particularly when I had overlaid a cyan on a green to get the colour of the pot.

I'm reasonably happy with the coffee pot but the lemon is the pits!

Posted by robynls at July 19, 2004 10:34 PM


It looks good to me from here in New York, and I was wondering how the turps worked for you. Did it glide? Cheers, Z

Posted by: Zoe at July 25, 2004 10:34 AM

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