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-- 13 July, 2004 --

New Art Materials

oilpast1.JPG Many of the people in my art class are using oil paints since this is the favoured medium of our teacher. I haven't ever really wanted to use this medium since I really enjoy using pastels and pastel pencils. On Sunday, however, I came across a box of 25 Micador Oil Pastels in Office Works so I thought that I would give these a try. One of the interesting things about them is that they are water soluable so I can use a water brush to spread the pigment about on the page. So this is my first effort with the crayons.

Since they are cylindrical and I am too mean to shave them down to a point, I found it a bit difficult to position the pigment initially. I would also like to have a greater range of colours to choose from as I don't seem to have the knack of getting the colours to mix on the page, but I don't really want to spend any more money on them until I am a bit more comfortable with their use.

Anyway, it's a start and the cup of chai tea that was in the cup I draw was really nice, too.

Posted by robynls at July 13, 2004 7:15 PM


Do you know where I can get Water soluable crayons from
Ilive in South Australia
Thank you

Posted by: Vivien Bailey-Hill at August 11, 2004 1:35 PM

Hi Vivienne,

Thanks for popping in to my weblog and leaving a comment. I have a set of Micador water soluble oil pastels and a set of Mungyo Aquarell crayons, both of which I bought from my local art shop here in Sydney. I assume that the same sort of thing would be available in Adelaide. If not, you could try the Internet. I recommend an American discount art supplies called Dick Blick's at I have found their prices reasonable and delivery very quick. Good luck with your quest.

Posted by: Robyn at August 11, 2004 7:18 PM

I'm the speaker you referenced on your web page.
I like your work immensely. Do you ever sell any of it?
Where did you hear me speak?
J. Deak

Posted by: JoAnn Deak at July 9, 2007 1:31 PM

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