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-- 16 July, 2004 --

Oils ain't easy.

I put aside the Staedtler pen today to go back to the oil pastels that I tried a couple of days ago. I also went back to a familiar subject - shoes. At least the shoes stand still so that you can draw them and if you make a bit of an error with the shape, they don't complain too much. I was leafing through a book of Van Gogh's work this morning. Shoes and boots were one of his regular subjects.

The oil pastels are not as easy to handle as soft pastels. The ones that I used for this picture are Faber Castell. I don't think that they are water soluable like the Micador ones that I used before. The support is a pad of oil paper that is meant for oil paints. The box of pastels says that you should be able to merge the colours using your fingers but on this surface it didn't work. I have also discovered that the lighter colours don't overlay one darker colours in the same way that soft pastels do.

Posted by robynls at July 16, 2004 7:41 PM


Robyn, I really like this shoe drawing! I love the way you've combined the pink/brown/green (?)on the inner soles and then carried the colors ever so slightly onto the blue of the shoe! (At least that's how it looks on my monitor) Your other oil pastel paintings are really nice, too!

Posted by: Linda at April 6, 2005 8:04 AM

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