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-- 27 July, 2004 --

Playing hookey

lighthouse3.JPGI skipped art class last night. It was cold, I was tied and Number Two Son, who is my drawing mate, has gone away on holidays for the week. I think that I must have already been feeling seedy because, after a terrible night's sleep, or rather, lack of sleep, I ended up with a migraine headache this morning. I was in serious danger of throwing my heart up so I stayed at home. I don't really like taking sick days but I just couldn't do it today.

When I started to feel a bit better, I looked on Wet Canvas to see what was going on. The Oil Pastel forum has a weekly challenge called "Pastel and a Movie" in which you are supposed to choose a reference and then spend only 2 hours on a drawing. Last week I sort of cheated by putting up the picture that I did in art class. It does, after all, only take 2 hours. Taking some time out today to draw was a great way of relaxing a bit of the headache away.

This morning the FedEx man arrived with an order from Dick Blick's that contained a beautiful box of Sennelier Oil Pastels and some velour paper. I am saving the paper for some other time but I used the OPs on a sheet of Canson charcoal grey paper for this drawing. I find them heaps easier to use than the Faber Castells that I have been using up until now. The Faber Castells are quite dry and hard while the Senneliers are almost like drawing with lipsticks. Maybe I need to use different paper for the Faber Castells.

This scan of the drawing of the lighthouse is as it was after two hours as per the challenge. I began with a drawing using a light grey soft pastel pencil, then did an under shading using the OPs, followed by a second layer of OP which I blended using the end of my finger. Because of the soft texture of the Sennelier OPs they blend very easily with just the heat from my finger. It probably needs a little more work but I am happy with this as a first effort with a new medium.

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