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-- 14 August, 2004 --

Mapel leaves TOPP

This image was part of an activity that runs on the Wet Canvas Oil Pastels forum. It is called TOPP for Tuesday Oil Pastel Painting and works pretty much like the WDE in that you have to choose a reference and then upload what you have done after 2 hours. The difference is that it is restricted to oil pastels only.

After the specified 2 hours I had only worked about a third of the painting so I posted what I had and then kept going. I usually try to work over the whole surface from the beginning, putting down an underpainting and then working each layer completely as I go. On this occasion, though, I started on one side and worked my way across. I think that the problem with this that I learnt stuff as I worked and the look of the leaves changed as the painting progressed. This can be seen in the way I tried to show the veins of the leaves. Those on the right have lines made using an oil pencil while those on the left are more OP.

I used mainly Sennelier OPs and Walnut Hollow oil pencils. I don't know what the paper is. I bought a sample pack of pastel paper from Dick Blick's. Most had the name of the paper written on the back but this piece didn't. It was white and a little heavier than Canson MT paper.

Posted by robynls at August 14, 2004 2:48 PM


Robyn - I can see a real progression in your OP work. This drawing (?)/painting (?) shows that you are starting to get some depth and stronger detail in your treatment of the subject. Keep it going.

Posted by: detlef at August 15, 2004 5:37 PM

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