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-- 12 August, 2004 --

Something new and different

sunflowers.JPGOne of the truly good parts about being new to a medium is that you are totally unaware of the limitations of working with it so you are more likely to push the boundaries. This was the case with this picture.

I am right into working with oil pastels at the moment. The Senneliers that I bought from the Eckersley's 'Pastel Extravaganza!' sale have grabbed me. They are like painting with many coloured lipsticks. Along with some sample boxes of a variety of oil pastel brands, I also bought some velour paper from Dick Blick's web site. So ... now I have these two new things at hand and a burning desire to try them both. Why not try them together? After all, the velour paper is supposed to be for pastel work.

Maya said to me, when I showed her the paper 'You aren't going to use oil pastels on that are you?'. Yes, why not? She had set up a still life with some artificial sunflowers in a dark brown wicker basket ... just the right thing for the green velour paper I had chosen ... get started smearing the OPs onto the support ... is feels great. Gradually the picture starts to take shape and the layers go on. Every time I think that I have good coverage, I stop to look and the little fibres on the paper begin to stand up again, giving it a soft hazy look. I add some more layers and the same thing happens. It takes a lot more layers than ordinary paper before the surface begins to loose its tooth. I had great fun.

I put the finished picture up onto Wet Canvas to get the opinions of my new friends. 'Can you use velour paper with OPs?' respond some of the less experienced - like me. It certainly looks like it, I respond. The wiser heads say 'Sure', although they do say that it is more usual to draw horses, dogs and cats rather than flowers because of the furry texture. Maybe I will try a rose next time.

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