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-- 31 October, 2004 --

Breakfast companion


Living where we do in Sydney, right on the edge of a small bushy park, we often have vistors of the feathered variety. Today, my Sunday brunch on our small balcony was interupted by the arrival of this extremely bold sulphur-crested cockatoo. He(?) and 3 of his mates had flown in earlier in the morning and perched on the rail as we sat inside the room.

These monsters have the very annoying habit of ripping chuncks out of the wooden railings so I had flung open the blinds on the verandah doors with the intention of frightening them away. The three of them just sat there, focusing their beady little black eyes on me as if to say "You don't frighten us one tiny, little bit!" Of course, when I came back with the camera, they had flown back up into the trees in the park behind the house.

This one did come back a little later, while I was drinking my tea and reading. He landed within arm's reach of me and waited to have his photograph taken and then, with an audible rustling of his wing feathers, took off again to join his mates. I wonder who will visit me next Sunday brunch?

Posted by robynls at October 31, 2004 12:18 PM


I'm so envious. We saw our first parrot in England last month: ring necked parakeets flying around by the Serpentine in Hyde Park, an escaped species but not, I have to say, such a stunner as your breakfast visitor. Hope the railing is still intact.

Posted by: Richard at October 31, 2004 7:16 PM

Wow, Robyn, your breakfast guest is incredibly beautiful... he sure would upstage our little sparrows who frequent my back deck!

Posted by: Bex at October 31, 2004 11:19 PM

Robyn, I did not realize these birds made their home in Australia. I've only seen similiar birds in Cancun, Antiqua, Aruba. They all so vivid in color. The most colorful birds in my yard are the cardinals which are beautiful against the white snow.

Posted by: laurie at November 4, 2004 11:01 PM

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