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-- 25 November, 2004 --

The cheese thief.

kooka.jpg My silence for the last few weeks has been caused by a few new responsibilities taking up most of my time and energy. Finally, the boss has taken the grand step of giving me a chance at a promotion, though only temporarily. I have been Acting Year 10 Coordinator while my friend has been on long servise leave for the last term. I have been running myself ragged trying to prove that I am up to the challenge so I have ended up each day exhausted. For the last two weeks there has been HSC marking after school to add to the energy drain.

One of the pleasant duties of being Year 10 Coordinator is getting to go to their camp in the second last week of school, even though I was only allowed to go for one day. While I was having lunch with one of the groups of girls, this kookaburra perched up in a nearby tree, watching very carefully. When noone was watching, he swooped down right in the middle of the circle of picnicing girls and stole a slice of cheese from a plate. He took into the bushes to 'kill' before eating it and then returned to the tree to wait for his next chance. He managed to steal 3 bits of cheese before the girls tidied up and put an end to his thieving ways.

Posted by robynls at November 25, 2004 8:32 PM


Good to hear from you again, Robyn! Glad you are enjoying the "promotion" - hope it works out for you! We are celebrating Thanksgiving on this side of the globe today... so I need to get my Martha Stewart personality on and get out into that kitchen and see what damange I can do!


Posted by: Bex at November 25, 2004 11:40 PM

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