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-- 04 December, 2004 --

Such a child!

Kookaburras 003sml.jpgHe sat in the tree for a while, watching what was going on around him, blissfully unaware that he was being watched himself.

All fluffy like a little teddy bear, this young one was on an outing with his parents and a sibling who were elsewhere in the bush nearby. Suddenly he flew down into the yard underneath me and disappeared from sight behind a shrub. I moved to see what he was up to. He had a small piece of clear plastic that must have blown into the garden on the strong winds that we had following the scorching hot day earlier in the week.

True to his kind, he was 'killing' his prey by bashing it against the rock hard ground. Finally, satisfied with his efforts, he flew up onto the fence that separates the garden from the bushland beyond and prepared to devour his prize. Surely he couldn't be that young and silly, I worried. He shook his head about, trying to get a better grip, at one stage dropping his prize but then skillfully grabbing it again before it had descended below his chest. What amazing dexterity!

Finally, to my relief, he realised that the morsel wasn't all that he thought it should be and let it fall onto the ground beyond the fence.

Posted by robynls at December 4, 2004 3:41 PM


Robyn, I also enjoy watching birds, I've just bought 3 small cedar birdhouses to put off my back deck for them to use for nesting. Paul, being a lobsterman, knows quite a few seagulls (personally - they love stealing his bait) but he has seen several lately who have banners of plastic tied to their legs, small waving banners, obviously put on there by man somewhow for some reason. At first he thought it was a fluke, but then when he was down in Gloucester getting bait, 30 miles away, he saw two more of them! Must be some sort of study, but I don't much like it... poor little guys!


Posted by: Bex at December 4, 2004 11:23 PM

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