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-- 29 January, 2005 --

Musee d'Orsay


  "You just have to see the Musee d'Orsay"

This was the reaction from my Paris-wise friends when I said that I was really looking forward to seeing the Louvre. I am so glad that they put me straight. In my extraordinary ignorance, I didn't know that most of the paintings that I really wanted to see had been moved there.

Where do you start when you have only one day and 100 years worth of fabulous art works to see! At this stage of our journey, I had not yet come to the realisation that discrimination is the only way to cope with such a cornucopia. We started at the front door and then just tried to see EVERYTHING! Such babes in the woods! It is an impossibility.

No burly security guards here to stifle the need to capture memories on a flash card, only benign officials to make sure that your nose doesn’t actually come in contact with the canvas as you lean in to take a closer look.

Manet, Monet, my beloved Van Gogh – here I discovered a kindred soul in Degas who worked in a flurry of pastel dust like me. Degas lives in semi dark to preserve the delicate pigments of the pastels but Van Gogh is here in all of his brightness and darkness.

‘Culture vulture’ my dear Detlef? You bet!

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