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-- 11 May, 2005 --

A new moleskine defiled

OK - let's face it - I was bored! All of our students sat for a Science Competition paper this morning and the one thing about teaching that I find the most boring, next to playground duty, is supervising exams.

Still, I am not sure that that is a really good excuse for defiling a lovely new soft covered moleskine with pretty poor pencil sketch of an overhead projector. In my defence, it was the only thing in the room that was the least little bit interesting, apart from the students but if I had started to sketch one of them they would have been on to me in a flash.

Pencil sketches are a real pain to scan, too. On paper they don't look too bad but the scanner seems totally incapable of picking up the subtlies of the shading and misses the soft lines completely. I tried two scanners before I got this copy but it isn't very good - or is it just the drawing that's the pits?

Not one of my best days

Posted by robynls at May 11, 2005 1:37 PM

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Co-incidentally my art tutor (Ron) was talking about photographing black and white drawings last night - when I said I'd photographed some of mine to keep a record of (hopefully?) my progress. He said you had to use a grey as a reference for the exposure. I don't know if it would relate to scanners, but I thought of putting the drawing on a grey background next time I try. And, by the way, your overhead looks to be the same vintage model as mine!

Posted by: Jill at May 11, 2005 4:47 PM

I barely remember as a student a class using an overhead. How's that for antiquated?
Nothing wrong with your sketch, I knew what it was. :-)

Posted by: Bonnie at May 11, 2005 9:17 PM

Well, I know I'm odd, but I love supervising exams. I get so much good thinking and writing done when forced to sit in a room full of silent concentrating people for two hours at a stretch. It's exam season at my school, and I volunteered to proctor a couple of extra sessions, just for the mini-retreat effect they have on me.

I tried to sketch the students, but they move around a lot in their seats as they think, and chew on pencils, and arrange their papers, and slump. So my sketches weren't anything finished. Mostly I made notes about projects I'm working on, and did some writing for myself.

Posted by: Liz at May 13, 2005 3:29 AM

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