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-- 19 May, 2005 --

Magnetic Poetry - Artist set


Magnetic Poetry is a box of frustrating, annoying little magnets with words on them that you put on your fridge door. When moved by the muse, the tiny little magnets can be shuffled around to create poetry. On a roll, you find that the next word that came into your head isn't among the remaining magnets so off you go on another tangent. Some of the poetry is lurid, some of it passionate, some just downright silly. After the novelty wears off, the magnets just sit there, until some wit decides to arrange them in squares and rectangles that make no sense whatsoever.

This afternoon, between Parent/Teacher interviews, I came across the official Magnetic Poetry web site where, low and behold, you can play online. Now boredom being what it is, I had to give it a go and here is my effort. Proves that any idiot can ... well, make an idiot of themselves.

Posted by robynls at May 19, 2005 6:22 PM

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Well, I think it is VERY poetic, what you did. So there. ;D. By the way, I love the bottle below--didn't you add some more ochre to the background since you first posted? I thought I remembered the canvas pattern showing through more at first. This way is very pulled together. (And if you haven't changed a thing, then I am either very imaginative or... .

Posted by: Laura at May 19, 2005 8:34 PM

You are very observant, Laura! The picture of the bottle has change but not by any artistry. The first image I uploaded was very large and was resized down to fit the area of the entry, which did crazy things with the display. I have since resized it properly in my graphics software and uploaded it to the server. Hey presto, clearer display.

Thanks for being kind about my Magnetic Poetry. It was a bit of silly fun.

Posted by: Robyn at May 19, 2005 8:53 PM

Just as I figured. They use something I can't. Applet wouldn't load.

Posted by: Bonnie at May 20, 2005 12:45 AM

Magnetic Poetry is fun and it opens the door to other art forms. Good for you.

Posted by: mz. em at May 20, 2005 4:11 AM

my daughter has magnetic poetry on her fridge, her friends always leave their mark by writing something poetic.
BTW, was that your email read on 702 this morning, re giving up seats on buses - I thought "that sounds like our Robyn" VBG

Posted by: Erica at May 20, 2005 3:12 PM

In the past, I have been a great an of Magnetic Poetry, and have used the artist, the writer, the original, the sequel, and the healing sets. If anyone's interested, I have some [as new] Magnetic Poetry sets for sale on Amazon.co.uk. The Poetry Stand is great, if you want to create at your desk, but lack the metal surface. It even comes with 240 words.

You're right Robyn, they're great inspiration. I used to use them for idea generation for musical composition, for writing, and even for ideas for paintings, although only when my own have gone on holiday! I prefer to self-generate these days, when I can, but there is an interesting aspect to the random creation of titles etc., that the mind cannot come to so purely. The mind is never random.

Posted by: Blue at May 23, 2005 6:05 PM

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