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-- 11 June, 2005 --

Digital art first edition


There has been some talk around the art blog world in recent days about a new drawing program called ArtRage which is available as a free download. Do I really need another graphics package? Never being one to be left behind with something new in the digital world and being totally unable to resist a bargain, I downloaded it anyway.

I hate drawing with the mouse. It is so clumsy and out of control but then that might be a good thing. There isn't that constant need to 'get it right'. This sketch took no more than 5 minutes - which is painfully obvious but it was a little but of fun. It is done with the chalk tool and I tried just a couple of colours and 3 different pressures.

I think that I might finally get that digitising tablet that I have been promising myself for ages. This is too much fun!

Posted by robynls at June 11, 2005 9:51 AM

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Found this place. Cool and nice.

Posted by: Linn at June 11, 2005 9:05 PM

I still haven't figured out all the ways to use PSP 7 so I doubt I add any other programs to my rather slow computer.

Glad you had fun. :-)

Posted by: Bonnie at June 12, 2005 7:28 AM

I find those big paint programs overwhelming (and I TEACH computing). I love my manual art tools. The ArtRage program is really easy though. It looks as though it is really meant for kiddies as there are very few choices and the interface is big and chuncky. I have moved on to learning to cope with Photoshop Elements, now that I have shelled out for a digitising tablet, but the freebie is a good step up onto the learning curve.

Posted by: Robyn [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 12, 2005 10:50 AM

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