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-- 17 March, 2006 --

EDM Challenge #58

GO! The Swans!
Originally uploaded by Robynls.
At 7am, when I walked towards my car that was parked, as has become the norm, on the nature strip in front of the house, the morning air on my bare arms had an autumn coolness to it. Finally, after weeks of hot and humid weather, the season has begun to turn.

The Commonwealth Games in Melbourne have begun with a flurry of fireworks and our thoughts have turned to the approaching football season. The 16 Aussie Rules team captains were part of the Games opening ceremony 2 nights ago, passing the Queen's baton between themselves along barges on the Yara River. I am not sure what viewers in other countries who don't know anything about the game made of that part.

Where we will be seated for the football games this year is still a mystery as our season passes have still to arrive. I hope that we get a good view from a wheelchair friendly spot.

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