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-- 30 September, 2006 --

Spring Theme ATCs

Spring Theme ATC 1 Spring Theme ATC 2 Spring Theme ATC 3

One of the unfortunate things about living in Australia is that most of the rest of the world forgets (or never knew) that the seasons are reversed to those in the northern hemisphere. The result of this is that seasonal art challenges are always wrong for us and, as a result, really become a challenge of memory. That is why I decided to host a seasonal challenge on Swap-bot myself.

I was happy to see that lots of people from the north decided to join in the swap. These three ATCs are on their way to my partner who lives in Newfoundland. This is the first time I have sent anything to Newfoundland. I hope that she enjoys seeing an impression of spring in Australia, which I imagine is very different from the snowy north. In most cases it is a showy flush of new green that will quickly be swallowed up by the dry and dusty heat of the quickly approaching summer. I think that it will be particulalry so this year as we head into another summer of this long drought.

My inspiration for these cards has been the work of famous Australia artist, David Boyd, a member of the artistic Boyd family.

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