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-- 18 November, 2006 --

Why Oh Why ...

... do people send spam comments to blogs? They never stay there if they are on newish entires and, if they are attached to very old entries, no-one ever reads them. All that they do is cause ENORMOUS inconvenience for the blogger. They all have to be found and deleted and, in the case of MovableTypers, you get an email to announce the arrival of each comment, which has to be sorted from the real ones and also deleted.

Over the last few weeks I have been getting as many as 30 an hour and I am going slowly out of my tiny little mind. I turned comments off for a few days in the hope that they would leave me alone but when I turned them back on again the comments kept coming. Now I have decided to leave them off for a bit longer to see what happens. It surely takes all the fun out of blogging because I REALLY love getting comments from all of the lovely people who read my blathering and are so kind about my spodges.

Soooo ... please keep visiting but, if you feel moved to so 'Hello', you will have to email me at rlsmith at robalsmith.id.au until I try turning them back on again.

Posted by robynls at November 18, 2006 10:41 AM


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