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-- 25 January, 2007 --

Dartmoor New Year

Dartmoor New Year
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One of the things that we really enjoy about the UK is having a meal in a local country pub. We have found that it is getting much harder to do now. The pubs we like to visit are sometimes hundreds of years old and make very little concession to the disabled, particularly to those in wheelchairs. We really have to feel like it to make the enormous effort that it now takes to get inside through narrow doorways and up very worn stairs.

The Dartmoor Inn near Princetown is not as old as some but still not wheelchair accessible so we had to struggle in with The Poet leaning very heavily on my arms. I must say that we have found that both the young and old in England are much more willing to offer a helping hand than people in Australia. I find this very disappointing to have to say about my own country.

With all of the other things that I need to remember to take on an outing (it is a bit like having small children again), I forgot to take my Moleskine on this day so I had nothing in my bag to draw on while I was waiting for The Poet to finish his lunch. Not to be put off, I used the chit that the server had used to record our lunch order to make a sketch of an interesting corner of the room near the fireplace.

My little sketch is now glued into my Moleskine 18 month diary as a memory of not only the venue but also the lunch.

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