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-- 06 September, 2009 --

Iron Cove Bridge

Iron Cove Bridge
Originally uploaded by ** Robyn **.
This is where I have been hanging out since I last made a post ... Iron Cove Bay Walk. It is a total of 7 kilometres all of the way around but being truthful, I don't do it all. This Saturday I walked 4.8 kilometres. Here under the Iron Cove Bridge, we are just the length of the bridge away from the reward of a cup of coffee and a sit down.

Posted by robynls at September 6, 2009 3:34 PM

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Hi stranger! Good for you, exercise is one thing I haven't been able to since my body went on strike. I really should try harder though. Good to see you again.

Posted by: Bex at September 6, 2009 10:31 PM

A lovely looking place. Me, I'm stuck inside a lot due to heat. Now with Fall coming I should be out more in the morning.

Posted by: Bonnie at September 7, 2009 8:46 AM

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