-- 23 May, 2006 --

Multi moves life drawing

Multi moves
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The usual once a term life class led to some very non-me products.

The model that came was the same young lady that modelled for the two day workshop that I attended about a month ago. Back then I made her look like this. Now I made her look like this ... and like this. It is incredible the difference that the teacher can make. I showed our teacher a photo the drawing from last time and he said I could have done one like that if I had wanted to but I don't think so ... he doesn't give us time.

To get this picture he had the model keep her feet in the same place on the stage but she had to chnage her body position every minute for each of twelve minutes. I used different coloured inks, charcoal and graphite as I worked.

I think that it's interesting but it is so uinlike my usual that I am not really sure.

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-- 02 May, 2006 --

Cut Apples in Ink

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Weekly Monday evening art class has started again for the term. We were each provided with an onion and an apple, and for the first half if the lesson we used only 3 colours, in whatever medium we had, to paint them. I had taken along some artists' inks and a pad of what I thought was watercolour paper but turned out to be acrylic paper with a shiny, waxy surface. It was wrapped in plastic when I bought it so I couldn't give it the feel test. In the spirit of art, I went ahead and produced a painting ... of sorts. Since I was unfamiliar with both the medium and the support, it turned out to be very unsatisfactory.

In the second half, we were told to cut up the fruit and use the same three colours to paint the result. The outcome was a little bit better since I now had a bit of feel for how the ink would behave on the horrible paper. This is my product. The drip off the piece of apple on the left happened when I raised the work to display it at the end of the lesson. It seemed to be the thing that excited the tutor most about my work.

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-- 12 April, 2006 --

EDM Challenge 62

EDM Challenge 62
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Artists' Pigmented Ink on
Moleskine sketch paper.
I drew my faithful old Birkenstocks in July 2004. At the time I was very new to oil pastels and I used them to paint the shoes on the floor near my feet. A couple of weeks ago I shouted myself to some bottles of artists' ink. I hadn't used them yet so they certainly qualify for this challenge. I have used a limited palette of black and burnt sienna.

Back in 2004 I was still complaining about not being able to draw moving objects.

In 2006 I am still wearing these shoes.

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