-- 21 March, 2006 --

Blind contour novice

Blind contour novice
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Blind contour drawing is meant to be an exercsie to develop hand-eye co-ordination. I've never tried it before. Today I found out that there is more to learn than just gettin my hand to draw what my eye can see. I have been precious about my beloved Moleskine. Don't mess up its beautiful creamy pages with rubbish drawing. Well, today I "got over it", to quote the kids. What is this book for if not a place to learn? So what did I learn? I need to work on the co-ordination thing because I'm not! I learnt that my normal fountain pen is probably not the ideal tool for this exercise, especially if I want to colourise it in Photoshop. The line is too thin anf the fill floods through and over. Finally, I was reminded that I am terrible when it comes to painting with the mouse. Try, try, try again!

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