-- 04 August, 2008 --


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I feel a bit of a fraud because we have not admitted to our new teacher that we have been doing drawing classes for ages but it is quite restful doing really simple pencil drawings for two hours on a Monday night.

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-- 28 July, 2008 --

Drawing class

Drawing class
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A new term and a new class.

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-- 03 February, 2007 --

EDM Challenge 104

EDM Challenge 104
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We were asked to draw a set of salt and pepper shakers. These days we just use the plastic grinders that the peppercorns and seasalt comes from the supermarket in so I had to hunt around for the set that we used to use. They are Thai Celadon pottery. The Poet and I bought them home as souveniers from one of our trips to Thailand a number of years ago.

I am still managing to hang in there with this new brown paper journal but I wanted to try a different colour of gel pen so I went back to Kikki.K this morning and shouted myself some other colours. I am sure that gel pens from the cheap stores would do just as well but ... well, you know how it is with stationary stores! I have used just a touch of green to hint at the real colour of the shakers. It isn't quite the colour of celadon pottery but it was the only green that they had in the pastel colour range.

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-- 29 January, 2007 --

EDM Challenge 103

EDM Challenge 103
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Now that I am settling back into my regular routine of work and home, it is time to take up the challenges of the Everyday Matters challenge mistress. During the weeks that we were out of Internet contact, slumbering away on Dartmoor, she challenged the crowd to draw their favourite sports equipment.

This is my contribution to that challenge and I have used another page in my new art journal. If I were to redraw this sketch right now I would have to include my little mate Meg curled up in front of this equipment because it is her favourite too.

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-- 28 January, 2007 --


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When I have to do something less than pleasant, I like to buy myself a present to ease the pain.

Tomorrow I have to go back to work after 7 weeks of holidays, most of it spent in the UK, on Dartmoor. To ease the passage into the organised chaos of school, I went into the almost new Kikki.K shop in Macquarie Centre and bought this new journal with its yummy rough brown paper and a neat little hole to store a pen. I even got to choose the colour of gel pen to put in it.

I have this terrible habit of starting a new journal with a great deal of enthusiasm and then peter out after a few pages. This means that I end up with masses of notebooks scattered about the place in various heaps and piles, bags and purses with only one or two pages used. I wonder how long this one will keep me interested. Maybe I could add to the interest by changing pens every so often, although the white one does look great on this paper.

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-- 30 July, 2006 --

Breakfast sketches

Breakfast sketches
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It's hard to look unobtrusive when sketching the faces of the patrons in a cafe. Eventually something tells them that you are observing them and they look at you looking at them. Profiles are less obvious but eventually become boring.

The woman at the bottom was a quite attractive Indian lady but she caught on really quickly and kept fidgetting.

At least the little puppy pencil case that was being used by a student on the next table as she was doing her homework, didn't mind being sketched.

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-- 14 May, 2006 --

Webcam Wonder

Webcam Wonder
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Homage to Michael Nobbs.
Yesterday I heard about a magical piece of software and a service called Skype. It is a communication service that allows FREE voice communication via the computer. Always up for something for nothing, I downloaded the software and, after installing it, allowed it to scan my Outlook contacts list for other users. Astonishingly, 5 minutes later I was engaged in a lengthy conversation with a writer friend of The Poet's who lives in Canberra.

Today I bought The Poet a webcam with a microphone so he can talk to DN too. No installation runs smoothly so I am waiting for Number Two Son to come to the rescue.

This is the webcam that I bought for myself weeks ago and have now been inspired to install. My installation ran as smooth as silk. Now I am just waiting for one of MY friends to come up with a Skype subscription and a webcam, too.

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-- 31 March, 2006 --


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-- 17 December, 2004 --

Gossamer wings


I have walked along the same path through the park almost every morning for two weeks now and there always seems to be something that I haven’t noticed before. This morning I saw a birds nest that had fallen out of a tree and, along the cycle path, I saw a patch of Scottish thistle that I have walked within arms length of every time without seeing. I stopped at my favourite spot on the creek to take a photograph to carry with me on our holiday to the UK, and elsewhere two lizards sunning themselves on a log.

I want to try drawing from memory to sharpen my observation skills so I watched this dragonfly flitting over the tadpole pool. Some days the light is such that you can’t see their wings but today they were just visible.

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-- 14 December, 2004 --

I met this morning ...


It rained yesterday -

one of those Sydney summer afternoon storms where the dark grey clouds come roiling in from the south, sending motorists scurrying to get their cars under shelter in case it might hail. The wind rushes in, tossing the trees about before enormous rain drops come dashing down, stripping away the leaves. Half an hour of fury then nothing left but puddles.

This morning the grass on the playing fields shines with a diamond lustre and the birds are out in their dozens - galahs, kookaburras, minas and magpies - all scavenging for the treasures that the storm flung out from hiding places.

You still have to get up early to find the piskey under the toadstool.

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-- 04 August, 2004 --

Coffee and a muffin (apple cinnamon)


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-- 25 July, 2004 --

New challenge from Wet Canvas

Good grief - it's been almost a week since I posted anything. Working certainly does get in the way of play!wde24-7.JPG

This week's Weekend Drawing Event on Wet Canvas was to use some cityscape photographs as inspiration for a reponse. I am absolutely amazed at the variety of ways that the people on that site respond to such a challenge. Because these WDEs draw participants from all of the forums, the responses appear in an amazing variety of media from watercolour to photographs and everything in between.

The first thing that I sent up was a photograph that I took some time ago where I tried to reproduce the view in Grace Cossington Smith's "The Curve of the Bridge". This was in answer to what I saw as a challenge to show views of my home place.

My second effort was a pen and wash reproduction of one of the reference photographs provided by the host. I am not unhappy with the perspective that I managed, although it's not really too hard transcribing perspective from one rectangular space to another. The watercolour is another matter. It makes me painfully aware of how long it has been since I used my watercolours in earnest.

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-- 17 July, 2004 --

Handbag challenge


'How about drawing the things in your purse?' said Karen on the Everyday Matters discussion list. Never one to turn down a challenge, I began. The Poet laughed at me and said that there are not enough pages in my notebook. He is probably right because I ran out of space on the page before I ran out of junk. What is here is a representative sample of the sort of things that I cart around with me every day. I must remember to leave the bag in the car the next time I visit the chiropractor because he is sure to blame it for my back problems.

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-- 15 July, 2004 --

Boots and senryu

The artwork with the new pen is showing a definite turn for the better and the subject matter has inspired a little poetry.

boot made for walking
still new it becomes
a subject for art

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-- 14 July, 2004 --

My new best friend

faces.JPGThere has been lots of discussion on one of the mailing lists that I subscribe to at the moment about the virtues of the Rotring Rapidoliner pen for use in art journal sketches. Never being one to be left out, I went looking for one of these to give it a try - until I saw the price! I think everyone on the mailing list must have raided eBay because there are none available there today. A search of Australian stationary stores on the Internet shows that not very many of them sell this pen and those that do are charging somewhere between $40AU and $50AU.

Of course, this prompted a trip to one of my favourite art supply shops 'just in case'. They didn't even have the pen although the lesser Rotring that they did offer was about $38AU. The did have an alternative for $26AU which, considering all I really wanted to do was to give it a try, was a much better deal. The pen that I did buy was a Staedtler Marsmatic which appears to my uneducated eye the same sort of pen as the Rapidoliner. It accepts both Rotring ink and Staedtler cartridges - my choice as I am too lazy to carry about the bottle of ink.

After spending heaps more money at the art supplies shop (you can't just go for one thing!) The Poet and I went off to have lunch at an Italian cafe in Leichhardt - great gelato! - and I gave the pen a quick try out on one of the other patrons. I'm in love! - with the pen, not the patron! Of course, it doesn't improve my sketching but it flows much, much better than the felt tip that I used to do the little boy in ski gear that is on the same page. Obviously, more practice needed.

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