-- 09 August, 2006 --

Ocean Theme ATC - After Hiroshige and Hokusai

Ocean Theme ATC 2 - After Hokusai Ocean Theme ATC 3 - After Hokusai
I brought two beautiful little books of prints of the work of two Japanese artists - Hiroshige and Hokusai. When an ocean theme ATC swap came up on Swap-bot these little books came to mind as inspiration. I love the simplicity of Japanese art. I think that my renditions of these prints have a more western flavour to them than I would really like.

Like writers of haiku, these artists were interested in capturing the moment. I have always been intimidated by the very thought of trying to draw water. By using their work as references, I have not followed their philosophy, however I would like to now go and look at water and try to use the techniques that I have learnt from this exercise to try my own original pieces. Maybe I will wait, though, until the weather gets to be a bit warmer. It will be spring soon.

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-- 11 June, 2006 --

Meg ala Janey123

Meg ala Janey123
Pen and wash
on Moleskine sketchbook.
Inspired by the style of Janey123 whose work I have seen on Flickr and EDM. She draws her subjects inside a roughly drawn rectangular black frame.She does her work in pen and wash.

Lately she has been doing a series of cats. Janey's work is slightly more stylized than this one of mine and seems a lot looser and more spontaneous than mine. Janey also uses a more surprising palette which adds to her spontaneity. I am in love with my Meg's ginger fur and yellow eyes.

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-- 04 March, 2006 --

Watercolour brushes

Work or Play?
Sepia ink & mapping pen on Moleskine
Art Kure watercolour brush wash

I got into a discussion on the Everyday Matters Yahoo Group about the use of watercolour brushes. My contribution was about the Art Kure brushes that I picked up in Creations in Porthleven in Cornwall during our last trip to the UK. Having sounded off about this impulse buy, I was asked about the characteristics of result.

This quick sketch in my Moleskin began as a test of another impulse buy of a dipping pen and some sepia ink. I coloured the interia with a wash done with three of my watercolour brushpens, diluted with the waterbrush which came with one of the kits. I wet the area first, then dabbed on the colour and, finally, spread it with the waterbrush. They are very easy to use and did not use a lot of pigment to achieve this effect. They are a convenient way of carrying around some watercolour.

Obviously the traditional Moleskine paper is not an ideal surface for watercolour so it needs more testing on some watercolour paper. My visual haiku of Meg was on watercolour paper but it was done with raw pigment straight from the watercolour brushpen without any dilution. You can judge for yourself.

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