-- 25 July, 2004 --

New challenge from Wet Canvas

Good grief - it's been almost a week since I posted anything. Working certainly does get in the way of play!wde24-7.JPG

This week's Weekend Drawing Event on Wet Canvas was to use some cityscape photographs as inspiration for a reponse. I am absolutely amazed at the variety of ways that the people on that site respond to such a challenge. Because these WDEs draw participants from all of the forums, the responses appear in an amazing variety of media from watercolour to photographs and everything in between.

The first thing that I sent up was a photograph that I took some time ago where I tried to reproduce the view in Grace Cossington Smith's "The Curve of the Bridge". This was in answer to what I saw as a challenge to show views of my home place.

My second effort was a pen and wash reproduction of one of the reference photographs provided by the host. I am not unhappy with the perspective that I managed, although it's not really too hard transcribing perspective from one rectangular space to another. The watercolour is another matter. It makes me painfully aware of how long it has been since I used my watercolours in earnest.

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