-- 31 July, 2006 --

Wet Canvas Scavenger Hunt #3 - glass item

Wet Canvas Scavenger Hunt #3 - glass item
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Through an e-pal, I have been led to another drawing challenge on Wet Canvas. I tend to feel more motivated when someone else suggests something to draw.

In this challenge we are given a list of everyday items to find and draw. There is everything from a matchbox to your favourite corner in your house. I stole a 'spare' moment in my day to draw the coffee cup that I am currently using at school. I am not quite sure why I like this cup. My normal is fine bone china but this on is thick glass and can be bought cheaply from Woolies.

It looks as though I got the shape of the bottom of the mug through the thick glass sides all wrong but, really, that is what it looks like from where I am sitting. It doesn't parallel the top elipse in any way. Very odd.

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