-- 01 November, 2006 --

Impressionist ATC Swap

Impressionist ATC 1
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I sit at lunch time each day looking down on the water of the bay of Sydney Harbour below the grounds of our school. The Catholic Church always seems to manage to get the very best pieces of real estate. Not that I am complaining, of course. I could never afford to buy a view like this one. Instead, I actually get paid to come here every day.

Anyway ... I sit at lunch time each day looking down at the water of the bay and convince myself that there is no way that I could ever represent the look of that water on paper. I have been telling myself that for almost 10 years then, a swap with the theme 'Impressionism'.

I know Impressionism when I see it ... most of the time, but I had never really worked out what it means. The generality seems to be the use of unmixed colour applied in short strokes to give the impression of the light and colour required. So ... back to the water of Neutral Bay ... the sailing boat here might be one of the many on the bay. The wooded point of land beyond is just wishful thinking of what used to be.

I made four cards for this swap. Anyone interested in the rest can click on the graphic to go through to my Flickr photostream. Honestly, I got a little dry for ideas after the third.

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