-- 03 October, 2007 --

A first

I bought myself a super cheap video camera from eBay. Now I have to learn to use it and how to edit video on the computer. When I get it down pat I will be able to teach the girls at school a new digital media skill. What do you thinl of my first try?

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-- 17 September, 2006 --

Autobiographical ATC

Autobiography 1 Autobiography 2

What do I want to say about me on an ATC? It is such a little space.

Meg wanted to be included and what Meg wants, Meg gets, so I suppose that says something about me. Her outline is a rubber stamp which has been printed with a clear embossing pad and then covered with antique gold embossing powder, baked over the toaster. She is then hand painted using watercolour. The border of the card is two different tapes that are just like correction tape but laying patterns instead of covering errors.

After reading one of Stephen King's short stories in which he used the term Butterfly Mind, The Poet said that the phrase described me to a tee. Butterflies have become my totem. My card is a handpainted interpretation of a butterfly.

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-- 12 June, 2006 --

A Meg moment

A Meg moment
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When we came home from our last trip to the UK in January we realised that it would almost certainly be the last time that we could travel. With this in mind and remembering the lovely moments that we had with the kitten, The Demon, at Headland Warren Farm, we both independently decided it was time to get another cat.

Off to the RSPCA with the idea that the cat would choose us, rather than the other way around. That is exactly what happened when this little minx emerged from a hiddy hole and stood at the wire of the enclosure, demanding to be taken home.

In the 6 months that Meg has been a member of our family, she has become very important in our lives. She keeps The Poet company during the day when Number Two Son and I are out at work. In the afternoon and night, she keeps me company, mooching around my feet while I watch TV and work on the computer and sleeping at the foot of my bed during the night. I'm not sure that I could do without her anymore.

When the boys were little I would bring them something, usually a little book, home for them when I went shopping. Now I do that with Meg. I thought she would love the lamb's wool offcut in this picture. I put it in front of the fire where she loves to lie, now that it is cooler. Meg sniffed it, picked it up with her teeth and fought with it then tossed it aside. Now she has decided it is nice to lie next to it.

The little bear was meant to replace one of my own that Meg keeps stealing to play with. My bear was a gift from Number Two Son's girlfriend; a souvenier from her trip to Scotland. She still steals my bear and rarely plays with her own.

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-- 11 June, 2006 --

Meg ala Janey123

Meg ala Janey123
Pen and wash
on Moleskine sketchbook.
Inspired by the style of Janey123 whose work I have seen on Flickr and EDM. She draws her subjects inside a roughly drawn rectangular black frame.She does her work in pen and wash.

Lately she has been doing a series of cats. Janey's work is slightly more stylized than this one of mine and seems a lot looser and more spontaneous than mine. Janey also uses a more surprising palette which adds to her spontaneity. I am in love with my Meg's ginger fur and yellow eyes.

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-- 03 June, 2006 --

It's a cat's life

It's a cat's life
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As soon as it became June, the weather turned quite cold. It has started to rain ... a blessing in the current drought conditions. It has even rained in the catchment area of the dam that contributes to Sydney's water supply. It is even cold enough for snow in the mountains to the west of the city. Kosciusko National Park is getting snow two or three times a week now, which is great because the school ski trip is only three weeks away and we have about 120 girls signed up to go.

The down side of wintery weather is that I cannot get the washing dry. We have mountains of sheets and towels that won't dry. The undies and teeshirts go through the dryer, adding to the electricity bill.

Finally we found a gas plumber who was prepared to fix the terrible job that the last one did on installing our new gas heater. Using it during last winter put a layer of black dust all over the walls and ceilings, even upstairs. I have only recently found out that it wasn't burning the gas properly and we could have been gased to death! Well, now it is working properly (I hope). Meg, of course, gets prime position, on her new little sheepskin rug, right in front of the heater.

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-- 01 April, 2006 --

Meg's portrait

Meg's portrait
Meg's portrait
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I've never used gouache before but I have read postings about it on a couple of my discussion groups lately. It sounded like fun, so I wanted to give it a go. I bought a box of Reeves gouache which was much cheaper than anything else I saw at the art store and allowed me to have lots of colours for little money.

Once I got it home and opened up to the next page of my Moleskine, I realised that I had no idea how to handle the medium. I figured that, since it is supposed to be a water-based medium, I should have a jar of water handy. It goes on really thickly and dries very fast. Since it seems to be pretty much opaque, then it is possible to cover up any mistakes.

I hope that Meg likes her portrait.

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-- 27 February, 2006 --

EDM Challenge 44 - Draw an animal

A Snoozing Meg
Koh-I-Noor Progressos on black notepaper

My dear LOML - my little Meg - cooperated by staying still enough, long enough for me to do another drawing of her. I think that there may be many more done of her in time to come. She is so beautiful and I am completely besoted.

I began doing these sketches on black paper, using Koh-I-Noor Progressos, last year, while The Poet was in hospital. Usually Progressos are white or grey but I have a box of twelve different colours. They are actually woodless pencils but I am not sure if they are really any different from ordinary coloured pencils. The white ones are rather chalky. The coloured ones are a lot harder than the white ones.

I have tried to use a 'variety of lines' as instructed by our new art teacher and I hope that it has given an impression of Meg's fur, which is slightly longer than a short haired cat's but not like a long haired cat.

Fortunately, the Challange Mistress at Everyday Matters had asked for a drawing of an animal while I was busy being distracted elsewhere last year, so I can tick another one off the list.

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-- 20 February, 2006 --


As a sometimes poet, I am facinated by the concept of Visual Haiku, as practiced by my friend Blue. This is my very first effort.

I used one of my new Art Kure watercolour brushes on acrylic paper to draw my dear little Meg. Very soon she will grow into her ears :-)

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-- 19 February, 2006 --

Outside the comfort zone


At the point in my life where I have finally come to the recognition that I actually like my comfort zone and can see little point in going outside of it, we get a new teacher for our Monday evening art class.

Mark is young - by my standards. He sports a little pony tail at the nape of his neck and boundless enthusiasm. He told us in the first class that he now makes his living from his art - which is scary enough for a group af amatuer hackers - and then proceeds to change the format of the class. No longer do we have a benign little lady who quietly circulates through the evening making encouraging comments and letting us leave early if we have had enough. This dynamo moves around the room at a pace, making at least two passes and leaving in his wake bewildered students trying to reconcile past successes with his new and different suggestions.

'Stop making all of the lines go in the same direction' he said to me, when I thought that I was using the direction of the lines to describe the shapes.

'Your shapes describe themselves - be more expressive with the lines' he says, as he points to one feral scratch that I had intended to tame later - 'That is what I mean.'

At the end of the session we all have to line up our efforts and he comments, or we comment, on ourselves or on others. 'It really wasn't so bad, seen at a distance,' I wimper.

Even the new love of my life has to get into the act of being the critic!


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