-- 26 April, 2005 --

Photo Friday 'Soft' challenge


In Berrima, in the the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, is a 19th century sandstone courthouse where the first trial by jury in the colony was conducted.

Hard up against the wall, just outside the door, I found this little purple flower, softening the severe aspect of the building.

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-- 03 April, 2005 --

Photo Friday 'Hot' challenge

'Hot Autumn Days'
O2 mobile phone camera

It is autumn in Sydney. It should be time to start thinking about pulling out the winter woollens and making sure that the space heaters are working efficiently - but not today.

Today in Sydney it has been about 27° and the sky is blue and cloudless. It seemed a perfect day to go out and have brunch at some breezy waterside spot. It appears, though, that everyone else in the city has had the same idea. Even with The Poet's disabled parking permit, it was almost impossible to find a parking place. Eventually we ended up on the Corso at Manly with all of the tourists. At least the mushrooms and avocardo with wood-fired toast was delicious.

This week's Photo Friday challenge is 'Hot'. Manly on such is day is perfect for photographs to depict 'Hot' - if you have remembered to put the camera in the car. The little camera in my mobile phone had to suffice.

This one is for you, Blue.

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-- 26 March, 2005 --

PF 'Tiny' Challenge

'Tiny Teddies'
Olympus C-750 UltraZoom on Auto with flash
cropped using Adobe Photoshop Elements

Photo Friday has offered a challenge this week simply as 'Tiny'.

The first thing that popped into my mind was Tiny Teddies. These are children's biscuits which come in the shape of little teddy bears about 2cm tall. As a collector of teddy bears, these little biscuits have a certain appeal, although I don't think that I can remember the last time that I actually had any since I no longer have the excuse of small children of my own to buy them for.

Following on from the thought of Tiny Teddies, I then tried to remember which was the smallest of the bears that I had been forced to liberate from the confines of a shop somewhere in my travels. A number came to mind, but then I remembered a pair of teddy bear shaped earrings which had called "Buy me ... buy me!" on one of the visits that The Poet and I had made to Berrima in the Southern Highlands. These earrings were definitely the tiniest of the bears in my house. Each tiny little bear is carrying yet another tinier bear in its paw.

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