-- 20 March, 2006 --

Visual haiku - sunlight

Visual haiku - sunlight
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morning sunlight cool
on tropical leaves -
season turns

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-- 05 December, 2004 --

Sunday morning walk - a haiku

pink and grey galah
  sips from the waterhole
    another dry day

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-- 23 October, 2004 --

The view from my window

goanna freezes
in jacaranda shadows
magpie season

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-- 08 October, 2004 --

Autumn haiku sequence

I wrote this haiku sequence a while ago as an entry for the last Yellow Moon competition. It didn't even appear as a finalist so I have clearly missed the point as far as haiku sequences go. I was rather satisfied by how I managed to arrange the haiku from early morning to the evening with other images in between but I suppose that this wasn't obvious enough for the judge. Looks like it's back to the drawing board - after my bruised pride turns to a lighter shade of yellow.

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-- 25 September, 2004 --

Haiku - Beslan burials

broken mirror
wrapped around with red ribbon
geranium blossoms

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